Homophobia Gets A Straight Red Card

http://www.thefa.com/news/2017/aug/09/ryan-atkin-first-openly-gay-referee-100817 Seeing this story published on the Football Association’s website on 10th August 2017, my immediate reaction was to do as I often do; having been alerted to it via Twitter I clicked on the tweet to read the responses. They were, as I’d anticipated, a mixed bag, but two general themes emerged. Sadly, there … More Homophobia Gets A Straight Red Card

Slacker? Not Macca! 

​The following is an article about Paul McCone which I contributed to the AFC Telford United match day programme for their March 7th fixture in the 2016/17 season, against Brackley Town. Sadly, the curse of being the player featured in the programme interview struck, and Macca was sent off, on what was a pretty horrid … More Slacker? Not Macca! 

Bucks Season Review 2016/17

Where to start when summarising the 2016/17 season for AFC Telford United? When following the club and writing output for the match programme and on social media, the words I’ve probably used more than most are ‘disappointing’, ‘frustrating’ and ‘inconsistent’. In that sense it’s probably been harder to watch than the previous season’s struggle against … More Bucks Season Review 2016/17

Sale? Mail? Fail!

On what was an otherwise forgettable day for Burnley Football Club, it was a moment that captured the imagination and drew praise from far and wide. Having a group of the club’s older supporters take to the field as mascots, hand-in-hand with the players, sent a terrific message out; that the club values those senior … More Sale? Mail? Fail!

Tears for Souvenirs?

“This is what is so wrong with football now”. “I know it’s a cliché but those monstrosities have no place in football”. What phenomenon could have given rise to comments such as these? Well it’s the half-and-half scarf, and specifically it was this photograph, shared on Twitter by respected football writer Henry Winter, that prompted … More Tears for Souvenirs?